Practice Quiz Format

Quiz Format

The left area of the screen displays the question.

In a quiz, the right area of the screen displays the following components:

1. My points: Points earned by you for all questions answered till now.

2. Question history bar: Question history bar uses different colors to indicate correctly answered (in green color), incorrectly answered (in red color), partially correct answered (in orange color), and unanswered questions (in grey color) in a quiz. It also shows the total number of questions vs the number of questions that have been answered.

Points available: Total points (Maximum points) for the questions answered including the current question.

3. Cognition level: The <<Cognition level icon>> icon indicates the cognition level of a question. The cognition level of a question is decided on the basis of Bloom’s taxonomy. For more information on Bloom’s taxonomy.

4. Question points: Question points indicate the maximum number of points that can be gained on the current question. These points get decreased if an incorrect attempt is made.

5. Attempts exhausted: A total number of permitted attempts for the question.

Important: You may lose some points with each incorrect attempt.

1. Click on "Check Answer" to validate your responses.

2. If you want to review the content related to that particular question before attempting it, click on the reference button at the bottom. It takes you to the specific part in the textbook where you can study and review the topic.

3. Click on "Next" to proceed to the next question.

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