Your test assignment contains one single graded exam created by your instructor. Your test assignment may or may not have a time limit.

Go to the Pending tab and click on the Test assignment you wish to start.

If this is a test you will notice a clock icon next to the assignment name.

The assignment details page will open up.

Important rules related to the assignment are shown like in the screenshot.

1. Name of the assignment

2. Instructions

3. Grade points

4. Due Date

Important information and details about the exam/test are shown in the screenshot.

1. Indicates that this is a graded assignment and that you have 2 attempts

2. Indicates what score will be considered for grading

3. Shows you what's the time limit for the test

4. To start the test, click on "Start"

5. Lrnr points: the points that the test is worth in the platform.

6. Grade Points, the points that your instructor has allocated for the test. *Only these will be considered for grading

Important: If you are taking a timed test, once you start the test you can't pause it. Also, note that navigation in Lrnr will be disabled while you take a test assignment.

Click on "Begin Test".

Your test questions will be displayed as presented in the screenshot.

1. The left-hand side of the screen displays the question you have to attempt.

2. The right-hand side of the screen displays question details and navigation tools.

In a test question, the right area of the screen displays the following components:

1. Click on the "Submit Test" button to submit your answers

2. Timer (If it's a timed test)

3. Shows in which question you are at the moment. Click on any number to go to that respective question number.

4. Indicates the cognition level of a question. The cognition level of a question is decided on the basis of Bloom’s taxonomy levels. For more information on Bloom’s taxonomy, please click<<link>>

5. Click on "Previous", "Next" or "Skip" to navigate throughout the questions


1. Once you finish, click on the "Submit Test" button displayed in the top right corner.

Important: "Submit Test" is mandatory for gradebook calculation.

2. Click on “Submit anyway” to submit your test

3. You'll get another message with your total points. Click on “Back to Assignment” to go back to the assignment detail page.

Turn in a Test

Click on the 'Turn In Assignment' button at the top right of the screen.

A pop-up message will show up.

Click on “Turn in Assignment”.

Click on “OK”.