Create and Assign Templates

Create an Assignment Template

Hover over any "ACTIVE" (Published), "COMPLETED", or "ARCHIVED" assignment and click on "Template".

Choose sharing preferences.

You can make any desirable changes to the assignment template.

If you make changes, click on "UPDATE TEMPLATE".

Click "CANCEL" to discard changes.

The template is listed under "Owned by me".

Duplicate a template

Click on "Duplicate" to duplicate an assignment (yours or that's been shared with you).

The assignment opens and you can make any changes to it.


Or click on "CANCEL" if you didn't make any changes to the template.

You can see the Template listed under your owned Templates.

Create an Assignment using a Template

Assign a Template by clicking on "Assign".

Select your class section. Set a "Start Date" and a "Due Date".

Click on "PUBLISH" to make the assignment public.

Click on "SAVE TO DRAFTS" to keep this assignment in your "Drafts".

Click on "CANCEL" to don't save the assignment.