Assignment Templates

Assignment Templates are listed under the Templates tab.

If you've created any templates or if any templates have been shared with you, they will be listed here.

You can create templates from your assignments. You can easily share your assignments with your colleagues or simply reuse them for the following semester.

Learn more on how to "Create and Assign using Templates"

Select if you want to see listed only "Owned by me" Templates or "All" Templates.

Sort how you want "Templates" to be listed.

Templates shared with me

Select "All" in Template filters.

Templates that have been shared with you are indicated with an eye icon and the name of the owner.

Templates created by me

Click on "Owned by me" to only view the Templates you own.

The "Templates" that you've shared with other faculty are indicated with a little people icon on the upper left as indicated in the screen shot.

View details of an Assignment Template

Click on "Details" to check the details of this assignment template.

A pop-up window shows the details for this assignment template.