Completed Tab

Assignments that have passed the Due date will show up in the “Completed” tab. This tab has two sections: "Submitted" and "Not Submitted".

Assignments that you have "Turned in" or that you have opened, and whose due date has passed will be under the "Submitted" section.

Assignments that were not attempted and whose due dates passed will be under the "Not Submitted" section.

Reopen an Assignment

Please note that you can only "Reopen"

1. A submitted assignment that hasn't passed its due date.

2. Any assignment that has been extended by your instructor.

Go to the completed tab, hover over the assignment you wish to reopen. Click on "Reopen".

Click on "OK".

Now you can access your assignment from the "Pending" Tab, under the "Started" assignments.

Review your performance within an assignment

You can review your answers and performance within an assignment. Please note that you can only "Review" assignments that you have submitted.

Go to your "Completed" tab and hover over to the assignment you wish to review. Then click on "Review".

You can review your overall performance for each assignment item (activity, practice quiz, etc). You can also review your responses by clicking on "Show Responses".