Assignments are homework, tests, and live polls that your instructors create to assess your knowledge.

Access Your Assignments

From your course dashboard, click on the "Assignments" card to access all of your assignments.

Start an assignment

In the pending tab, click on any "Started" or "Not Started" assignment.

Types of Assignment

There are 3 types of assignments:

Homework: Assignment with graded and/or non-graded items. Might include Study material, Videos, Flashcards, Activities, and/or Quizzes with one or multiple attempts per quiz/activity.

Test: Think of these like your Midterm or Final exams. A Test can also have a time limit (timed test).

Live poll: Live quiz (during a class) with Questions and activities provided in real-time by your instructor. Each question can have participation and/or efficacy points based on your instructor's preference.