Duplicate Assignments

You can duplicate any "Active", "Completed" or "Archived" or "Template" assignment.

1. Hover over the assignment you wish to duplicate and click on the "Duplicate" button.

2. A new assignment window opens up with a title that starts with “Copy of...” and the name of the assignment you duplicated.

You can now edit or make any changes to your assignment.

3. Once all changes have been done, select class section(s), start date and due/end date. Then click on "SAVE".

4. Click on "OK".

5. To publish the assignment, click on "SAVE & PUBLISH".

To store it in "Drafts" click on "CANCEL".

6. A pop-up message will show up, click on "OK".

6. Your new Assignment will show up under the “Published” section in the "Active" Assignments tab.