Lrnr offers several Activity types to make learning more engaging. Activities are aligned to specific topics and learning objectives covered by each chapter section of your Lrnr enhanced textbook. Activities can be directly accessed from the Lrnr textbook or through activity quizzes organized by chapters and chapter sections.

Access Activities

From your course dashboard, click on the "Activities" card to access the activities list.

From Activities List

All activities are organized by chapters.

To access an activity quiz click on a chapter name.

Hover over the name of an activity and click on the button "Begin activity" to attempt it.

From Learn

You can also access activities related to a particular chapter section from “Learn", in the Smart Content tab at the right-hand side of the screen.

An activity related to a particular chapter section can be found in the smart content tab indicated with a hand icon.

Click on the link to attempt the activity.


If an activity is already part of an assignment, a pop-up message will show up stating that this will count as an attempt and will be considered for grading.