Live Poll

Access Live polls or slides directly from assignments.

From the dashboard, click on the "Assignments" card

In your pending tab, go to your “Not Started” assignments.

Live assignments are differentiated with a purple hourglass icon in the assignment

Click on the poll/slide you wish to join.

Click on "JOIN" to join your poll/slide.

If you exit and want to return, you can find it in your “Started” assignments.

Your instructor can choose to give you grade points, for participation, efficacy, both, or neither.

They can also decide to request a password to let you join the poll/slide.


Poll: A poll is a Live Quiz consisting of questions and activities your instructor has created.

1. Click on "SUBMIT RESPONSE" every time you answer a question or activity

2. Click on "Exit" to exit the poll

If your instructor closes the poll and doesn't submit it for grading yet, you will get a window like this.

If your instructor submits the poll, you will get a window with your total score for the poll.

Click on "CLOSE".

Review your answers from your completed assignments tab.

Hover over the poll you want to review and click on "Review".

Types of Poll Questions / Activities

There are 5 type of questions/activities in polling quizzes.

1. Multiple Choice

2. Multiple Select

3. Fill in the blank

4. Click on Target

5. Matching

1. Multiple Choice

Select the correct answer from the set of options\ choices displayed, then click on "SUBMIT RESPONSE"

2. Multiple Select

You will be given a set of options/choices, select all the answers you consider correct, then click on "SUBMIT RESPONSE"

3. Fill in the Blank

Type the correct answer in the textbox and click on "SUBMIT RESPONSE"

4. Click on Target

1. Click on one of the given options.

2. Drop the pin on the corresponding part of the image by clicking on it.

Note: Repeat 1 and 2 for each option.


5. Matching

1. Click on one of the given options (one by one)

2. Match it with one of the highlighted areas

Note: Repeat 1 and 2 for each option.