Create Test

From your course dashboard, click on the "Assignments" card.

Click on the​ "CREATE" button at the top right corner of the assignment page.

Click on the​ "CREATE" button next to "Test" to create a Test Assignment.

Important: You will have the steps to create a test assignment.
You can only continue to the next step if you complete the previous one.

Step 1: Setup test

Setup a name for your test.
You can set up instructions for your students if needed.

Step 2: Select test topics

Select quizzes from your "Practice Quiz" or "Homework Quiz" bank.

Practice quizzes will show up organized by chapters.

Select a chapter.

If this is a premium course, one quiz per chapter section will show up. Select your quizzes by marking the checkboxes.

Click on the "Preview" button to check the questions.

Little boxes above each question indicate its Bloom's taxonomy level, level of difficulty and type of question.

Mark the checkboxes to select your "Practice Quizzes"

Mark the checkboxes to select your "Homework Quizzes"

Step 3: Customize test

1. Graded: Tests are always graded.

2. Number of attempts: Choose from 1 to unlimited attempts.

3. Time limit: Choose from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Select the grading score rule (If more than one attempt was selected)

Highest: The highest score is considered for grading

Latest: The latest score is considered for grading

Average: The average of all scores is considered for grading

Click on "Select test questions"

A window with your chapter selection will open up. Click on the chapter name to preview the chapter sections you've selected.

Click on the chapter sections to preview the questions.

Choose your questions by marking the corresponding checkboxes.

See all your selected questions at the right side of the screen.

Click on the "SAVE" button at the top right corner of the screen.

Allocate some grade points to your test.

Step 4: Configure test

There are a few configurations to be made in order for you to publish your test.

1. Select Class sections: Click on the drop-down button and select your class section(s).

2. Start date: Click on "Start Date" next to the calendar icon.

Choose a day and a time for your test to be available.

Note: If you have more than one class sections you can select the same timeline for all class sections or a different timeline for each one.

3. Due date: Click on "Due Date" next to the calendar icon.

Select a day and time for your test to be closed.

Note: Click on "set/extended for individual student" to have a particular student due date extended.

Type the name of the student.

It will show up like this.

Choose a different "Due Date" for the student.

Note that the "Start Date" will be the same as for their respective class section.

Optional: Select the percentage that this test will weigh in the overall score.

Click on "SAVE" to save your test assignment.

Click on "OK"

You'll be redirected to the test page again.

Click on the "Save & Publish" button at the bottom to make your assignment public.

Note: The assignment will get published on the start date you set.

A pop-up message will show up, click on "OK".

Your test will be stored in the "Active" tab under your "Published Items".