From your course dashboard, click on the "Learn" card to access your smart textbook.

Your smart textbook includes practice quizzes, flashcards, activities, simulations, 3D bodies ant the ability to bookmark, highlight and take notes.

Main view

1. Table of contents: Organized by chapter and chapter sections.

2. Main interactive content: Contains your textbook, high-quality images, and enhanced content (For some titles).

You can navigate through chapters and sections of your textbook using the arrows.

You can bookmark, highlight or take notes in the main interactive content.

3. Adaptive sidebar: Find the "Smart content" tab and "Annotations" tab.

Smart content Tab
In the following order you will find:

  • Flashcards aligned to the chapter section (for premium courses).

  • Glossary aligned to the entire chapter.

  • Activities, indicated with a hand icon (Available for some titles).

  • Practices quizzes, indicated with a checkmark icon.

  • Key terms and definitions.

  • Videos

Click on Flashcards, Glossary, Activities, Practice quizzes, or Videos to access the corresponding content.

Important: Activities, Practice quizzes, and videos that show up in your smart content tab are highly contextual to what's in the main interactive content. Scroll down or go to a different chapter section and see how the "Smart Content" changes based on what you are studying.

Annotations tab

This is a collection of your bookmarks, highlights, and notes. We create a study guide based on your annotations for your study and review. Learn about it in Favorites.

4. Navigation bar: Navigate through the platform easily by hovering on the navigation bar.

5. Dock bar: You can dock images, videos, and other content that you would like to review later. Your "Docked" items will show up in the bar located at the very bottom.

Click on the content you want to dock.

Click on the "Dock me!" button.

To reopen a docked item, find it at the bottom of your screen and click on it.

Study Tools

Highlight a sentence or a paragraph.

Choose a color to highlight it.

You can choose different colors depending on the importance of the subject.

Bookmark: Right-click, and click on the "Add bookmark" button to add a bookmark

Take Notes: Right-click and click on the "Add Note" button to add a note.

Type your notes in the pop-up window.

1. Dock it, to save it on your dock bar and use it later.

2. Save it, to have it on your favorites and use it to build your study guide.

Bookmarks are indicated with a star sign next to the subject selected.

Important: We create a study guide based on your annotations for your study and review. Learn about it in Favorites.