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Doesn’t apply to students/ instructors coming from school LMS

Important - Please Read This First

If you use your School LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace/D2L, Moodle, etc) to get access to Lrnr, please login to your school LMS and click on the “Lrnr Personalized Homework” link from your school LMS.

Forgot Password

Note: Applies only to users who login to Lrnr directly from the Lrnr app

1. Click on "Forgot Password"

2. Enter your email (which you use to log in to Lrnr). This is typically your college email address.

3. Click on "Submit"

4. You should receive a password reset email within 5 mins.

Sometimes, you may need to check your spam folder to find this email.

Note: If you do not see an email, click on the "Resend" button to try again.

Contact Lrnr Chat Support if this doesn’t work.

This is an example of the email that you should receive

5. Click on the "Reset Password" link in the email.

6. Create your new password

7. Then click on "Reset"

8. Click on "Sign In" to enter your email and new password to log in.