List of Quizzes

Click on "Quizzes" to see your list of quizzes.

Click on "Edit" to edit a quiz that you've already created.

Click on "Delete" to delete one of your quizzes.

Click on "Beam" to beam the quiz to your students or go live.

Any "Quiz" that you've already beamed but haven't finished for grading will have a "LIVE'" button indicating that is in progress.

Click on "Edit" to edit your quiz.

Click on "Beam" to beam the quiz to another class section.

Click on "Resume" to continue the beaming with the same class section and where you left.

A window displaying beaming details is displayed.

Click on "START BEAM" to continue the beaming.

Click on "CANCEL" to cancel and go back.

Click on "Finish" to finish the beaming and submit the quiz for grading.

Click on "Yes" to confirm.